My cat Gandalf can’t usually can’t focus on one thing for more that ten seconds, but today I watched him eat ants out of the carpet for at least twenty minutes. I say “at least” because I have no idea how long he’d been doing that before I walked into the living room. He was staring intently into the carpet, and would occasionally shove his nose into it and pull it out chewing on something. At first I thought he caught a spider but there seemed to be nothing there. Closer inspection revealed trails of ants crawling over the carpet.

Some of them started crawling into his fur, and he’d twitch suddenly and start licking his fur really intently. He soon figured out that he could trap ants in his fur and started rolling around on the ground to collect as many as he could and then lick them out. He alternated between doing this and eating them straight out of the carpet for twenty minutes. Every now and then he’d pause and sit perfectly still, the stillest I’ve ever seen him, he wouldn’t even move his tail, and just stare at the carpet waiting for more ants to come in. I think he was convinced he could hear the ants.

When our older cat Sugarface wandered over to see what all the fuss was about, Gandalf got all defensive and threw himself on the ground where the ants were, just so Sugarface couldn’t have any. They were his ants, he found them fair and square. Sugarface didn’t understand but he was jealous of all the attention Gandalf was getting so he sniffed around the carpet a little bit like Gandalf was doing, and came running back over to me and looked up at me all proud like “Look! I can look at the carpet too!” And then he bit my stomach because I started watching Gandalf again.


Reef Manta Ray (Manta alfredi)

…a large species of Eagle Ray (Mobulidae) which is widely distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical Indo-Pacific, although a few individuals have been reported in the tropical East Atlantic. Like its more popular cousin (M. birostris) the reef manta ray is a gentle drifter, travelling along coastal habitats whilst filtering the water around it for nutrients. 


Animalia-Chordata-Chondrichtyes-Elasmobranchii-Myliobatiformes-Myliobatidae-Manta-M. alfredi

Images: Shiyam ElkCloner and Bartek.cieslak

(via ichthyologist)

cryptking replied to your post: Does anyone know anything about nervousness…”

Nervousness makes my throat close up. Can’t swallow or speak without strong determination though it usually passes quickly once I calm down. What’s making you nervous?

I can’t really say since I’m basically nervous all the time in varying degrees, and I’m not exceedingly nervous about anything right now. There are just the standard “starting college” jitters from people moving away, and ordering books, and feeling inadequate when I’m about to start working with professors and other students who are actually talented and stuff, and having to reconfigure my schedule at work around my classes which meant having to talk to my students’ parents— but that’s all really standard and I’m not even that worked up. I think it might just be that I’m getting nervous again after pretty much just chilling out all summer. But I think it’s starting to pass now!

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Just do whatever makes you comfortable and get your mind off of it

There was another reply but tumblr seems to have eaten it. You mentioned loud music as a distraction, and actually that’s pretty much what I do but with quiet music. I have a few go-to mellow tracks that I like to listen to with ambient noise generators like ASoftMurmer and RainyMood. This time around I tried the L.A. Noire OST with RainyMood and it’s amazing.